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Handful of Health is a registered brand of Candor Foods Pvt Ltd. At Candor, our endeavour is to make healthy foods accessible, available and affordable across all sections of society. Through Handful of Health, we aim to deliver quality products to our customers and hold their hand in their journey to a healthier life.

At Handful of Health, we believe in the age old dictum 'Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food' -Greek Physician Hippocrates. The benefits of eating a handful of dry fruits and nuts everyday are many. Our products are roasted, sorted and packaged as per order, to maintain quality, taste and longer shelf lives. You can choose from a range of dry fruits, dates, nuts, energy bars and munchies to improve the life in your lifestyle. Your health now comes hand delivered at handfulofhealth.in


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Do write to us with your feedback and suggestions on our product quality, product range and services. Your feedback and comments are what drive us.