Carnival Classic Sunflower Seeds 100g

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Weight: 100g
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Our roasted sunflower seeds come from the flower heads of the sunflower plant. The edible seeds have a soft, nutty flavour. Rich in essential fatty acids and nutrients sunflower seeds are great to eat as is or to add a delicious crunch to your food. Use roasted sunflower seeds to top salads, in baked goods and bread to add some texture and health. You can also add them to homemade granola, cereals and oatmeal. If you want to get creative, make your own sunflower seed butter by grinding it to a paste.


Our sunflower seeds are sourced from China.

Health Benefits

Sunflower seeds are nutrient-rich containing high amounts of vitamin E and selenium and many other compounds that help prevent chronic diseases. The high amount of good fatty acids help lower the bad cholesterol levels or LDLs. They also contain high amounts of antioxidants that help remove free radicals and inflammation from the body. 

Did you know?

The world’s tallest sunflower stands at a little above 30 feet tall.

Store in an airtight container. Refrigerate to extend shelf life. 

     This is a vegetarian product

  This product is packed in a BRC certified Food Factory

   This product is gluten-free