Royal Delight Assorted Date Balls- Christmas Collection

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Royal Delight Assorted Date Balls- Christmas Collection is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Our Christmas-inspired Royal Delight, date balls are made with the finest dates and topped with the most delightful toppings reminiscent of a classic Christmas! Enjoy these treats with your family and friends and they are excellent after dinner treat.

Each box contains 11 date balls in the following 4 flavours:

  • Dates with cranberry, coconut and vanilla
  • Dates with cardamom topped with pishori pistachios 
  • Dates with orange and topped with white seasame or til seeds
  • Dates with cardamom topped with rose petals

A fun way to get your children to eat dates, nuts and berries.

  • Dates are full of nutrition, especially dry dates. Dry dates are high in calories particularly carbohydrates (74 grams). It also contains several essential vitamins and minerals with fibres.
  • Dates are rich in carotenoids, phenolic acids and flavonoids.
  • Dates are rich in copper, selenium, and magnesium which are very important nutrients to keep your bone health.
  • Each date contains choline, vitamin B that is very beneficial for the learning and memory process

Go ahead dig in!!

  • As a post workout snack.
  • As a tiffin must have.
  • As a 4 pm pick me up snack.
  • As a rushed breakfast on the go.
  • As a healthy guilt free after meal dessert.