Carnival Classic Flax Seeds 100g

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Flaxseeds or Alsi seeds as they are called in Hindi are seeds of the flax plant. Since whole flax can’t be fully digested by the body, they have to be ground up before you consume them, in a grinder or with mortar and pestle. Once ground, it should be consumed soon. Add ground flax seeds to your morning coffee, tea, juice or smoothies. You can also add flax seed powder to your baked goods like cookies or muffins. Use ground flax to replace gluten-containing grains and as a substitute for egg in baking.


Our flax seeds are sourced from India.

Health Benefits

If you’re on a low carb diet like Whole 30, incorporating the healthy fats that seeds like flax seeds provide is recommended to ensure the body receives essential fatty acids like omega 3 fatty acids. Due to the high content of these healthy fatty acids, flax seeds are especially recommended in the diets of those with heart disease and cholesterol. In addition, flax seeds promote hormone balance and are rich in antioxidants. Being really high in fibre they are great for digestive health too. 

Did you know?

Linen that is to make fabric and clothing comes from flaxseeds.

Store in an airtight container. Refrigerate to extend shelf life. 

     This is a vegetarian product

  This product is packed in a BRC certified Food Factory

   This product is gluten-free