Festive Greetings Slider Box A

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At Handful of Health ,we believe that the best gift you can give someone is the gift of health. Tastefully curated and thoughtfully put together, we source the most premium quality in hampers from across the country. In addition to engaging the local karigars ang generating employment opportunities at Handful Of Health we believe in curating gifting solutions that are sustainable and reusable.

Handmade by local box makers, this beautiful pink and saffron motif printed paper cardboard box is a pure Desi at heart. The enigmatic and vibrant colour combiantion wraps the contents of the box in a cheerful disposition, adding happiness and life to your celebrations.

Each Slider box is curated with great care and attention to detail, to ensure that the content fit in perfectly and also make for a delectable combination that your loved ones will enjoy. This box is the perfect marriage of staples and exotic dry fruits, nuts ,dates, energy bars and raisins. 

Medjoul Stuffed Dates

A taste that dates back millions of years. A sweetness that engulfs the most discerning connosieurs and a texture that is pure caramel bliss. The Medjoul is the king of the dates. With 6 handpicked jumbo Medjoul dates, stuffed with  delectable varieties of roasted nuts and candied lemon and orange peels, this box is a date lovers’ delight. An excellent option when you are looking for gifting royalty in a box.

On The Run Energy Bar

Need that punch? Go for the crunch! With crystallized fresh ginger, it’s the perfect accompaniment for tea or coffee. Chocolate Chips gives the rich taste. Finger Millet is the surprise ingredient. Breakfast on-the-go. Enriched with Vitamin C!! Ginger and green tea extract bars – perfect combination of antioxidants. Sugar-free, gluten-free energy bars with no trans fat. 

Ingredients : Ragi Puffs, Chocolate Chips, Oats Flour, Honey, Butter, Almonds and Fresh Ginger, Green Tea Extracts
No Added Sugar, No Preservatives, Gluten Free.

Carnival Kesar

Carnival Kashmiri Kesar is sourced from the rich bountiful valleys of Kashmir. The kesar flower known as saffron crocus blooms only in a particular week every year, hence the entire process of harvesting needs to be carried out in that one week. Each flower is carefully sorted to remove the red stigmas and is a process that requires a watchful eye and steady hands. 

What makes Kesar the most expensive spice in the world?

Every flower of kesar produces only three strands of kesar, requiring almost 15,000 flowers to produce 1 kg of Kesar.

Benefits of Kesar

Kesar finds its place in most households as a premium spice. The inclusion of kesar in dishes both savoury and sweet, elevates the look and taste of it undoubtedly. In addition kesar also has a host of amazing health benefits.

  • Kesar is a powerful antioxidant.
  • Kesar with its very prominent fragrance is an aphrodisiac.
  • Kesar helps the onset of puberty, since it is known to have heat generating properties.

Carnival Afghan Raisin.

Packed with nutrients, these green raisins are one of the most loved dry fruits as they pack a whole list of minerals and are superbly sweet and delicious. Raisins are the perfect ingredient to add to your Indian desserts. You can also use them to bake rum and raisin cakes that are a popular Christmas time treat. Carnival green raisins can also be incorporated in stuffings for fried sweet and savoury snacks like croquettes. Using raisins daily in your breakfast is a fun way to meet your vitamins and mineral requirements for the day. 


These premium quality carnival green raisins are hand-picked from some of the best farms in Afghanistan. 

Carnival Cashew

These scrumptious cashews are ready to eat right out of the pack. They blend well with desserts or are a great accompaniment as savoury snacks, and they are also high on nutritional value. Whether you're planning to include them in a dish or use them just as a garnish, you will always be amazed at their freshness and texture. You can also fry these little treats and eat them as a tea time snack, or use homemade cashew paste as the base for your main course gravy. 

Carnival Almonds

Wholesome and delicious, our crunchy almonds are of the highest quality. Take them as they are for a healthy snack or soaked overnight and mixed in with your morning milk. Add them to your dishes, dressings, and milkshakes. Sliced almonds serve as a great topping for desserts and add a lovely crunch to salads! 

Festive cardboard slider gift box with premium products. Each box includes:

  • Carnival Cashew Deluxe 250gm
  • Carnival Afghan Raisins (Deluxe) 250gm
  • Carnival Premium Almonds 250gm
  • Carnival Stuffed Medjoul 6pc. 
  • Carnival Kesar 0.5gm
  • OnTheRun Choco Crunch Energy Bar 30gm

*Images are for representation purposes only. Actual products may differ slightly in colour and design.