Dryfruit Crunch

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Weight: 100g
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The Dryfruit Crunch  is our healthy twist to the sugar laden suparis available in the market. Packed with the goodness of dates and coconut flakes, this mukhwas/ after mint is healthy, sugar-free and most of all yummy. A spoonful of this Dryfruit Crunch will fill your senses with the sweetness of the dates. The almonds and cashews add a great crunch and the coconut kernels leave a fresh after taste on your palate.

Dates is great not only for its taste but also the many benefits it comes with. Ditch the sugar laden suparis with additives for this naturally colourful, healthy alternative.



This Mukhwas container should be stored in a cool and dry place to retain freshness.

     This is a vegetarian product

  This product is packed in a BRC certified Food Factory

   This product is gluten-free

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