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Carnival Premium Anjeer 250g

Carnival Premium Anjeer 250g

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1. Attribute: Anjeer (Fig) - Premium Quality Dried Figs with a Delightful Sweet Flavor and Chewy Texture.
2. Nutrition Benefit: Packed with Essential Vitamins, Minerals, and Dietary Fiber, Anjeer is a Nutrient-Rich Snack that Supports Digestive Health and Provides a Natural Energy Boost.
3. Best Eaten As: Enjoy Anjeer as a Wholesome Snack On Its Own, or Add it to Breakfast Cereals, Yogurt, Salads, Baked Goods, or Trail Mixes for an Extra Burst of Sweetness and Nutrition.
4. Storage Instruction: Store Anjeer in a Cool, Dry Place, Preferably in an Airtight Container, to Maintain its Freshness and Extend its Shelf Life. Avoid Exposure to Direct Sunlight or Moisture.