Carnival Ajwa Dates 250gm

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Ajwa date is a celebrated assortment of dates, grown exclusively in Saudi Arabia. Ranging from a dark brown to almost black colour, these dates are delightfully soft and fruity with a prune-like taste and tend to be of a dry variety.

Ajwa dates are a great source of fibre that benefits the digestive system. This date variety is one of the best ingredients for muscle development, brain health, and vitality.


Health Benefits

  • Help in keeping the bones and teeth in sound health
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Improves Digestive Process
  • Helps in regulating blood pressure
  • Fights fatigue & keeps your energized
  • Dates are high in iron and recommended during pregnancy



Refrigerate at all times.


     This is a vegetarian product

  This product is packed in a BRC certified Food Factory