Fruttons Dehydrated Jamun 20g Pack of 2

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About the Product 
Jamun also known as Java Plum or Indian Blackberry is very healthy and nutritious tropical fruit. It is low calorie nutritious summer fruit content variety of nutrients and anti-oxidants.
Jamun can be consumed directly as snack or juice and also used in ice-cream, pudding etc


About the Brand

Fruits are natural staple food of humans and are excellent source of essential vitamins and minerals. Fruits are highly perishable in nature but can be preserved using natural dehydration technique. Dehydrated fruits are highly nutritious and rich source of dietary fibers.

Fruttons provides best in quality and 100% natural dehydrated fruits. These products are 100% natural fruit with no added color, flavor, sugar or any preservative. It is hygienically manufactured at room temperature with advanced dehydration technology. It retails all the nutrients of the fruit along with its natural taste, color and aroma. Its just feels like having fruit as fresh as farm.
Fruttons has also made having totally hassle free. No washing, No cutting.. No spoilage and No wastage. Having fruit is as simple as having candy. Just pick, eat and repeat. Your healthy munching partner Fruttons.


Storage Condition

To ensure the freshness of the product store in a Refrigerated environment.