Promotional Offer - Carnival Cranberry 100g (PET) + Black Currant 100g (PET) + Cranberry 100g (Resealable Pouch)

Rs. 278.00 Rs. 427.00


High in antioxidants, cranberries are known to help prevent cancer, dental problems, and cardiovascular diseases. 

Carnival cranberries are hand-picked from only the best farms in the USA, dried to perfection and slightly sweetened for your palette.

Add these slightly sweetened red berries to your cakes and cookies this Christmas and enjoy a wonderful fruity taste.


Black Currant

Black currants offer vitamins A, B and E and are rich in antioxidants. A rich source of iron, antioxidants, and fiber, currants will give your diet a super nutritional boost.

Picked from USA's best farms, these berries a dried to perfection and slightly sweetened.

Bake these berries into your muffins, quick breads, or fruit pies or make a refreshing black currant sorbet or ice cream. 



On this very berry Christmas, we are giving you loads of berries!

Buy Carnival Dried Cranberry 100g PET jar worth Rs 149 and Carnival Dried Black Currant 100g PET jar worth Rs 129 and get a resealable pouch of Carnival dried cranberries 100g worth Rs 149 for free.