Carnival Seedless Oman Dates

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  • WHY ARE OMANI DATES SO GOOD AND GOOD FOR YOU? – Carnival premium-quality,Omani dates are soft, chewy and taste like sweet caramels; These fresh Dry fruits are meaty, high in fiber, packed full of potassium and are a great source to boost natural energy.
  • NATURAL HEALTHY SNACKS - Rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B-6 and B-12. No additives or preservatives. Non-gmo. High fiber, low calorie and low sugar.
  • ALL NATURAL & NO PRESERVATIVES: Our premium quality omani dates are sourced from oman. They have absolutely no preservatives or additives and are certified Organic, Non-GMO and Gluten Free.
  • GREAT ENERGY BOOSTER: A healthy meal replacement! Sourced from Saudi, our dates are the best source of iron which helps to treat Anemia. Not only do they have high nutritional value but also are great in taste. A perfect pick to enjoy your snack time
  • STORAGE INSTRUCTION - Refrigerate at all times.

A little trivia about the Omani dates.

“ Who could ever think of dates as a deadly weapon to trounce a marauding army? Dates? Yes, the sweet, succulent, laden-with-nutrients date as ammo. In ancient Oman, rulers had a no-fuss military strategy — build a fort with holes in the ceiling, christen these ‘the falling shaft’, and deploy date syrup as slick terminators. Throw logs into a burning fire, boil the dates into gunk. And then wait stealthily for the enemy to set foot in. That fateful moment when the army crossed the spiked wooden door, pots of boiling hot date syrup were poured. Not from heaven. But from the fort’s falling shaft. The scalded soldiers wailed, bawled, writhed, squirmed in pain. For the enemy, it was death by the date. For the Omanis, a sweet victory. ’’