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Well begun is half done: Almonds and Anjeer in the mornings

 Ask any mom what her favourite part of the day is and pat comes to the reply- early mornings before the kids wake up while enjoying her cup of tea or coffee in peace. There is something about the importance of this time, it is weirdly rejuvenating. The time to assimilate, collect and prepare herself for all that lies ahead, because later in the day, she will expend every ounce of her energy running after the kids.

As refreshing as that cup of tea or coffee with toast or biscuit may seem first thing in the morning, it is actually an unhealthy practice. Having tea or coffee on an empty stomach raises your acidity levels, causes heartburn and indigestion. So you may be doing it for that kick of much-needed energy but what it really does is kick your system in the gut.

No, we are not asking you to sacrifice your grail of rejuvenation but simply asking you to change the order in which you consume it. Start your day with 5-6 almonds, that have been soaked overnight. Mamra almonds are the best. Couple this with a single disc of Anjeer also soaked overnight.

The benefits of this practice? Well for starters, it is a fantastic source of antioxidants, so mommies, it keeps your skin looking young and protects your cells for damage. That should be reason enough. :)

Oh! But that's just the tip of the iceberg. On an empty stomach, our bodies are able to absorb the two vital brain nutrients present in almonds, Riboflavin and L-Carnitine. If you are looking at staying fitter and toning your body, almonds aid in increasing your metabolism and help with weight loss. More importantly, almonds are nuts about the health of your heart.

With its high fibre content, soaked anjeer helps with healthy digestion and can cure constipation issues. In addition, it is an excellent source of calcium. Soaking figs in water helps the body to absorb its nutrients better.

So for the mother 'Jiski tvacha se umra ka pata nahi chalta' and for the mother  'Jo sab janti hai', eat those almonds and anjeer as you prepare your grail of tea or coffee in the mornings.

The tradition and wisdom of eating soaked almonds and anjeer is passed down to us from our Nanis and Dadis. It is no wonder that mothers across generations have been proponents of this habit. Yes, we the millennial mommies are living in times of the Keto and Paleo. But the secret to good health is no secret, really. Sometimes we just need to rewind, reflect and look into our traditions for it is here in the Indian kitchen lie hidden, the many pearls of wisdom.


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