Brain power walnut

Nuts, Seeds and Berries: The Trinity of Improved Brain Power

In her own muted way, mother nature cues us to reach out and enjoy her bounty. Ever noticed how a walnut looks like a brain? Is that a hint from mother nature? It may very well be. Walnuts are one of the healthiest foods you can consume to improve memory and brain power. The ever giving nature has provided for us with plenty more foods for our brain health. 
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soaked almonds in bowl

Well begun is half done: Almonds and Anjeer in the mornings

Ask any mom what her favourite part of the day is and pat comes to the reply- early mornings before the kids wake up while enjoying her cup of tea or coffee in peace. There is something about the importance of this time, it is weirdly rejuvenating. The time to assimilate, collect and prepare herself for all that lies ahead, because later in the day, she will expend every ounce of her energy running after the kids.
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Date balls recipe, Handful of Health

Recipe: Date Balls with Almonds and Walnuts

My biggest challenge is getting my sleepy heads, who are by no means morning people, to eat breakfast and cheerfully leave for school. So I came up with this easy, pre-make almond date ball recipe that checks all the boxes for a healthy, tasty on-the-go breakfast.

You can make these date balls on a Sunday and they are good to last you for the whole week. 

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