Combo Diwali Gifts Ideas: Top Healthy & Pocket-friendly Gifts

Combo Diwali Gifts Ideas: Top Healthy & Pocket-friendly Gifts

The festive season overflows as you take a walk down the street. There is mirth and hope in people's eyes even in times as unusual as these. The colours of Rangoli are painting the streets in hues of red, amber and green while earthen diyas and sparkling lights are spreading the warmth of love.

We, at Handful of Health, are awaiting the festival of lights with eagerness and all geared up and ready with our collection of thoughtfully curated gift hampers that are not only healthy but aesthetic as well. So, browse through our collection and pick out some pocket-friendly, elegantly designed healthy snacks, nuts and dry fruits gift boxes for your loved ones this Diwali.

Pocket-friendly Gifting Picks

Healthy Snacks, Nuts and Dry Fruits Gift Boxes for Diwali

  1. Dry Fruits and Nuts Diwali Gift Box :

    This fantastic rangoli box in gold and pink contains 100 grams each of Carnival classic cashews, Carnival almonds, and Carnival salted pistachios. A festival staple for Indian households, the contents have been assembled to make this festive gift hamper both useful and ornate. This beautiful Diwali gift box will remind you of the ‘flower rangolis’ that adorn the doorsteps in most Indian homes.

  2. Exotic Berries and Nuts Gift Hamper :

    This Diwali gift box is our ode to the #MakeinIndia initiative. This hamper comes in an elegant jute bag and contains a combination of Carnival cocktail nuts, dry fruits and Carnival roasted & salted pistachios. The jute bag comes with a PP window that is hand-stitched by our karigars in Kolkata. This splendid bag combines functionality with style. You can use this carry bag for your lunchbox, or to store water and snacks while travelling.

  3. Carnival Kashmiri Kesar Gift Pouch :

    If you like scouting for Diwali gifts at the last minute, then this little healthy gem is not only easy on the pocket, but also easy to deliver. Containing 1 gram of pure Carnival Kesar (saffron), this product is encased in a well-crafted woven cloth pouch with gold motifs. This gift for Diwali is available in colours of red & gold, with the pouch adding a minimalistic, classy touch.

  4. Handful of Health Gift Card :

    The handful of health gift cards are available in different dominations and are transferrable online. It can be used to purchase a variety of premium quality hampers that are tastefully curated and thoughtfully assembled. Your loved ones can now order the finest quality dry fruits, dates, nuts, seeds and snacks from the comfort of their homes.

  5. Healthy Snacks Gift Box :

    This Diwali, express your love for your family and friends by gifting them the most generous gift - the gift of health. A well-crafted hamper in white leather finish, this deliciously healthy gift box includes Carnival cocktail mix, Carnival berry barbeque trail mix, Carnival mocha mojo trail mix and Carnival honey roasted almonds

  6. Festive Nuts & Dry Fruits Gift Box For Diwali :

    If you are looking for a premium Diwali gift hamper online, then it can’t get better than this! This fantastic pink & saffron motif-printed dry fruit gift box is a pure Desi (albeit healthy) threat at heart. This box consists of an assorted range of exotic dry fruits, raisins, nuts, stuffed dates and energy bars. The best part, it also contains 100% pure and natural Kashmiri Kesar, making it the perfect hamper for all special occasions.

  7. Sweet and Spicy Gift Hamper :

    Celebrate this Diwali with the ones you love by gifting them this incredibly sweet and spicy gift hamper that contains 230gm green chilli cashew, 230gm honey roasted almonds, and 250gm berry barbeque trail mix. If you are tired of eating sweets, you can switch to something spicy and vice versa. This gift for Diwali comes in a stunning open-style see-through hamper in a brown leather finish with a gold motif print and handle.

  8. Diwali Gift Hamper With Healthy Snack :

    This Diwali, unbox happiness with this amazing hamper that contains 100gm almonds, cashews, Indian Kishmish, thandai, and berry trail mix. Crafted from a brown leather finish MDF box, this Diwali gift is extremely pocket-friendly. What’s more, the box can be later re-used as a jewellery box, perfume case, or to hold your most expensive brew.

  9. Assorted Stuffed Medjoul Dates Gift Box :

    Medjoul is known as the king of the dates. We have hand-picked 18 jumbo Medjoul dates and stuffed them with five delectable varieties of roasted nuts, candied lemon and orange peels, making this dry fruit gift box a delightful treat for Diwali. It is an excellent Diwali gift option if you are looking to gift royalty in a box. The combination includes the nuttiness of pistachios & almonds along with the sweetness of walnuts and dates.

  10. Festive Combo Diwali Gift Hamper :

    This Diwali gift box is curated with great care and attention to detail. It includes a delectable combination of healthy treats that you are bound to enjoy. From Carnival Kesar and stuffed Safavi dates to cashews, almonds, Indian raisins and more, this box has ready to eat sweet & savoury snacks that’ll win over your family and friends.

  11. Classic Nuts and Dry Fruits Gift Box :

    If there was an option to gift wrap joy and put it in a box for your loved ones, you would look for the biggest one, wouldn't you? Well, this Diwali, we have found you a gift box that is big, bold, and beautiful. It contains 250gm classic almonds, 250gm cashews, 250gm Indian kishmish and 250gm classic Irani salted pistachios in pouches. Utilise the box as a jewellery box, cosmetic box, vanity kit, or simply reuse it as a gift box once you have devoured the nuts.

  12. Premium Healthy Snacks for Diwali :

    This Diwali, if you want to send someone a virtual greeting along with a simple gift, then this Diwali gift box with a combination of nuts, berries, and milk-mix is all that you need.  This hamper comes with 5 pets of 100gm almonds, 100gm Indian kishmish, 100gm simply thandai, 100gm cranberry whole, and 100gm black currants. Encased in a wooden leather finish open-box and packed in a versatile reusable clear motif printed PP bag, this is an excellent gift option for all.

  13. Healthy Snacks Gift Box For Diwali :

    The best Diwali gift pack that you can give someone is this tasty, savoury and delicious hamper. Packed in a classy leather-finish brown box with a gold printed motif, this hamper includes an assortment of salted caramel pecan nuts, honey roasted nuts, crunchy caramel trail mix, garlic cashews, and Chatpata cranberry. This hamper is ideal for gifting your loved ones, office friends, and family.

  14. Carnival Assorted Stuffed Mabroom Date Box :

    This is another best gift for Diwali that is also pocket-friendly. Including 21 handpicked Mabroom dates stuffed with roasted nuts, candied lemon and orange peels, this healthy treat brings a fresh zingy twist to Diwali gifting compared to the usual sweets. The Mabroom dates are famous worldwide and provide numerous health benefits, making it an exceptional gift for Diwali.


Brighten up the festivity with a combo of Diwali gifts ideas from Handful of Health. We do our best to ensure your gifts and hampers are handled with utmost care. To check out more Diwali gift options, check out our gifts and hampers page. Once the order is placed, we will ensure the products are delivered safely and on time.

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