Healthy Snacks To Binge On While Watching Movies and Shows

As OTT platforms release trending shows season after season, binge watch before spoilers afloat on social media. While watching, it is tempting to snack on something. But, instead of reaching for unhealthy, fried food items, you could simply snack on some yummy and delicious healthy snacks that also provide an array of health benefits.

Whether you are searching for healthy binge-worthy snacks online or thinking about what foods you can binge on without gaining weight, we’ve got you covered.

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Healthy Snacks You Can Binge On

  1. Carnival Barbeque Makhana :
    Carnival Barbeque Makhana

    This yummy barbeque flavoured makhana is a healthy snack for binge eaters. It provides many benefits as it is rich in protein, fibre, magnesium, and calcium. It also contains antioxidants and has a low glycemic index.

    It helps reduce food cravings and regulate the appetite. What’s more, it contains amino acids that help slow down the signs of ageing and promotes healthy skin.

  2. Carnival Berry Barbeque Trail Mix :
    Carnival Berry Barbeque Trail Mix

    Our Carnival berry barbeque trail mix is a good snack to eat while watching a movie. It includes a rich blend of nuts, super seeds, and dried berries. This perfect mix of dried berries, seeds and nuts will keep you healthy.

    With the triple nourishment of antioxidants, your body will feel much better when compared to munching on processed food. The best part, this berry mix is also good for the skin, eyes, heart and brain.

  3. Kracknut Coated Peanuts :
    Kracknut Coated Peanuts

    One of the best binge foods is peanuts, so get your pack of 3 now! The different flavoured peanuts are available in pudina patakha, Thai and tandoori flavours.

    Peanuts contain protein that will keep you fuller for longer. Whereas, the fibre in it will help reduce inflammation and boost the digestive system.

  4. Carnival Cheese Cashew :
    Carnival Cheese Cashew

    Cashews are healthy and contain many nutrients, plant compounds and are easy to add to your diet. Carnival Cheese cashews are a healthy binge snack. Cheese contains calcium, fats and protein, which is good for bone health.

    Cashews help enhance immunity and brain function. The copper in cashews is good for the hair, whereas the essential fatty acids keep them healthy and shiny.

  5. Carnival Crunchy Caramel Trail Mix :
    Carnival Crunchy Caramel Trail Mix

    In the mood for something caramelly? A bucket of caramel popcorn may seem like paradise, but our crunchy caramel trail mix is a much healthier alternative making it a guilt-free pick on a movie night.

    This trail mix includes caramel-coated pecan nuts, chocolate chips, orange peel, chopped almonds and hazelnuts. Order today!

  6. Carnival Masala Masti Mix :
    6.Carnival Masala Masti Mix

    Here’s another healthy food for you to binge. As an Indian, if you love munching on snacks with spicy flavours, then this masala masti mix is just what you need. Let your tastebuds enjoy this delicious, mouth-watering, tangy, sweet & spicy nut and berry mix.

    This masti mix contains cashews & almonds roasted to a crisp, mixed with fresh raisins, and flavoured with a blend of masala. Not only can you munch on this Carnival masala masti mix while watching a show or movie, but you can also munch on it after a tiresome day at work or post-gym.

  7. Carnival Popcorn Makhana :
    Carnival Popcorn Makhana

    Compared to greasy butter loaded popcorn, popcorn makhana is a healthier food item to binge on. Makhana is a good source of fibre, magnesium, protein, phosphorus, iron, carbohydrates, potassium, and zinc.

    They are excellent for weight watchers and can help maintain weight. So, if you are looking for a low-calorie movie snack, this is an ideal treat.

  8. Carnival Mocha Mojo Trail Mix :
    Carnival Mocha Mojo Trail Mix

    The tasty blend of nuttiness - hazelnuts, almonds and pecan nuts - along with the fruity taste of cranberries and candied orange makes this trail mix a healthy snack to binge on at night. For all chocolate and coffee lovers out there, this one will be your favourite for sure.

    It has the sweetness of chocolate chips infused with the aroma of coffee, making it a divine snack. So try out our Carnival mocha mojo trail mix today!

  9. Carnival Roasted Pista :

    Another low-calorie movie snack, Pistachios contain fibre and protein that make you feel satiated. It also contains abundant minerals and unsaturated fats that keep the blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol levels in check.

    Hence, if you are looking for a healthy snack to binge on at night, try roasted pistas right away!

  10. Cocktail Mix (Salted Nuts & Raisin Mix) :

    Craving for something sweet and salty? Try our cocktail mix that contains salted nuts and raisins. Keeping in mind the correct blend of sweet and salty, we have created a perfect healthy snack for you.

    This cocktail mix contains a mixture of black raisins, pistachios, cashews and almonds.

  11. Carnival Salted Caramel Pecan Nuts :
    Carnival Salted Caramel Pecan Nuts

    Our carnival salted caramel pecan nuts will ensure that you do not miss unhealthy food as the pecan nuts are coated with a sweet golden mix of salted caramel. Pecans are beneficial to the body as they improve digestion, help with weight loss, are rich in manganese, and boost immunity.

    It also stimulates hair growth and provides anti-ageing benefits. So, dig into these flavoursome salted caramel pecan as you binge-watch your favourite show.

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The thought of gaining extra pounds whilst munching on junk food as you watch your favourite movie or show shouldn’t stop you from eating. Switch to our healthy snacks for binge eaters or try out various other delicious items such as dry fruits, stuffed dates, nuts and seeds. These not only help maintain a healthy weight, but also provide excellent health benefits.